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Maarssen, Netherlands
Jun 06,2018
Hi Synn,

We received the dress in time to adjust the hem. The dress fits nicely.

Thanks for your efforts.


San Antonio, United States
Sep 09,2017
The dress came in time for her prom. She loved it. Thank you. Prom 2017

Guernsey, United Kingdom
May 08,2017

I'm Katrina, for a while I've been chasing up a dress and I'm glad to say it arrived today, it fits perfectly and is absolutely stunning!! Thank you so much for all your help!!
bronx, United States
Jul 29,2016
Good Morning,

Thank you for the dress it is beautiful!!!!

Longmont, United States
Apr 24,2015
It's here and it's gorgeous!!! Thank you so so much!!! <3333333
Rachel's complaints for her dress
Hazlehurst, United States
Sep 17,2014
I've received the dress on Sept 16 and I wanted to thank you all for your assistance.
Cambridge, United States
Apr 29,2014
Thank you so much!  The dress is beautiful and so well made!

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fair play, United States
Jan 21,2014
I received the dress and it was beautiful, thank you so much! I could hardly get my daughter to take it off.
fair play, United States
Sep 23,2013
Thank You so much for your excellent customer service.  We received the dress right on time and it is beautiful!  

I am very impressed and will definitely purchase future dresses from you.

fair play, United States
Jul 12,2013
I got it! Thank you so much, its beautiful! I'm sorry that I, was being impatient.


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